The idea has been around a while


Plato said that music affected the emotions and could influence the character of an individual.  Aristotle taught that music affects the soul and described music as a force that purified the emotions.  Those old guys were pretty smart.

Nothing activates the brain so extensively as music."

~ Dr. Oliver Sacks

Kelly Willenborg is the founder of The Healing Jukebox.  She is a member of The Drum Facilitators Guild, The American Music Therapy Association and is a certified instructor of the Drums Alive fitness program.


Kelly is a St. Louis University Business School graduate. Her notable music projects include involvement with the start-up of The Effingham Performance Center concert venue, interning for a Hollywood Music Catalog, and marketing a Woodstock 40th Reunion Tour.


Her goal of delivering personalized music to elders began in 2009.  After researching the cutting edge systems in place at Stanford Hospital, Mayo Clinic and University of Michigan, she founded The Healing Jukebox.


She was a volunteer for Music & Memory Organization (NY) from 2012-2014, leading grassroots advocacy for iPods in the tri-state area. Kelly promoted the program through speaking engagements at healthcare conferences in Illinois, Missouri and Indiana as well as iPod drives, program launches, hosting “Alive Inside” movie events and proudly planting seeds for top-down state funding.


She now serves as a consultant for personalized music programs but this is secondary to the hands-on musical facilitation that she shares with groups in the region.  Kelly believes deeply in a future that includes personalized music as a standard part of healthcare.


Outside of musical pursuits, she enjoys spreading energy into entrepreneurial efforts associated with the Effingham Regional Incubator Network, youth mentoring programs, and launching a Wishing Tree to promote positive intentions and dreams.  Kelly resides in her hometown of Effingham, IL with husband Bob, and sons Jackson & Mick.

 Kelly Willenborg

Our mission is to engage seniors in non-pharmaceutical interventions by means of cognitive stimulation, socialization, relationship building and, by all means, music!

We are soulful promoters of human compassion.  We strive to grow the use of music as a tool to help heal and deliver joy to those who are suffering.

The following video shows founder Kelly Willenborg explaining what The Healing Jukebox is all about.

Music can help to address physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs of individuals.


Through musical involvement, participants' abilities are strengthened and transferred to other areas of their lives. Using music as a healing agent also provides avenues for communication that can be helpful to those who find it difficult to express themselves in words.


Research supports its effectiveness in many areas such as: overall physical rehabilitation and facilitating movement, increasing people's motivation to become engaged in their treatment, providing emotional support for clients and their families, and providing an outlet for expression of feelings.

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