We train you to run your own Healing Jukebox programs, from launch to implementation.

in-service training

If you're working within a limited budget but would like to explore Music as Therapy, perhaps having The Healing Jukebox train your team of caregivers would be an efficient and cost effective solution.  After all, we all have the same goal.

We can help you and your team utilize music more effectively in your activities, nursing, social work and restorative care programs.


We can guide you in:

  • Running your own Healing Jukebox programs
  • Learning more about Music as Therapy
  • Exploring your musical options
  • Developing an iPod program
  • Utilizing Social Media more effectively
  • Acquiring appropriate tools and materials


Basically, anything we do, we can teach YOU to do.  Our goal is the same either way, to use music as a healing influence to improve the lives of those who are under our care.


For more information about our In-Service Training, please call Kelly at 217.254.2149.

When we look at the body of evidence that the arts contribute to our society, it's absolutely astounding. Music Therapists are breaking down the walls of silence and affliction of autism, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease."

~ Michael Greene, President & CEO of NARAS

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