Memory Boost


MyMemoryWorx is a customized cognitive stimulation therapy program.

Designed to be delivered through human interaction, this program slows disease progression and allows individuals to maintain their quality of life.

The MyMemoryWorx Program includes personalized sessions for individuals as well as themed sessions for groups.  The program also includes the MyMemoryWorx Kit, with customized cards and game boards.


The activities and materials included within the program cover the five areas of cognition: Language and Music, Visual and Spatial Orientation, Memory, Critical Thinking, and Computation.  Professional assessments are made in order to track progress.


The program is led by Kelly Willenborg, Certified Cognitive Stimulation Facilitator.


MyMemoryWorx is the result of a partnership between Healing Jukebox and Fit Minds ®, a privately held Canadian corporation based in Ontario that specializes in the prevention and treatment of dementia.

Building muscle and balance is commonly recommended for healthy physical aging.  The same concept can be applied to brain health.  Research encourages us to build our COGNITIVE RESERVE which is the brain’s ability to withstand neurological damage due to aging & other factors and to do so without showing visible signs of a memory loss.  Targeted brain exercises can increase our brain’s cognitive reserve helping offset a decline in functionality in our later years.

Programs can be tailored to suit healthy seniors in the community, groups in care communities or those with mild cognitive impairment or early stages of dementia.  With 1 in 3 seniors over the age of 85 facing the potential of dementia, it is time to MAKE BRAIN HEALTH A PRIORITY!


Novelty and appropriate challenge are at the heart of this enjoyable program.  The goal is to take into account the 5 areas of cognition and then incorporate games, current affairs, faces, money & numbers, words, sensory, creative interpretation and more.


For more information about the MyMemoryWorx program, please call Kelly at 217.254.2149.

Human connections are key to brain health.  That's why we designed our programs to be delivered by people - not computers.  We provide novel and complex challenges that focus on building resilience in a social setting.  We take a holistic approach to brain health rather than simply focusing on memory.  Our programs build a lifelong brain-active lifestyle."


~ Nicole Scheidl, CEO of Fit Minds®

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